Some stellar coaches instructors teach the TYE program. Some examples include Marty Cooper, inventor of the cellphone; Brian Smith, the founder of UGG Boots; Ravi Gururaj, former NASSCOM chairman, and Naeem Zafar, Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Berkeley teach the TYE cohorts at various chapters.

Whether legendary or not, the TYE coaches and lecturers teach same fundamentals to prepare students for a growth mindset and lifelong learning.

Name Role Chapter
Arun Nijhawan Instructor Boston
Sheri Palazzo Guest Lecturer Boston
Anjali Midha Guest Lecturer Boston
Rahkeem Morris Guest Lecturer Boston
Malay Kundu Guest Lecturer Boston
Lora Kratchounova Guest Lecturer Boston
Marty Cooper Guest Lecturer SouthCoast
Arlene Harris Guest Lecturer SouthCoast
Sanil Chawla Guest Lecturer SouthCoast
Alex Martin Guest Lecturer SouthCoast
Joe Kudla Guest Lecturer SouthCoast
Brian Smith Guest Lecturer SouthCoast
Craig Mathews Instructor Carolinas
Shashi Jain, Intel Instructor Oregon
Travis Cannon, Instructor Oregon
Leah Gabler, Instructor Oregon
Trish Langman Instructor Oregon
Jake Kuramoto Guest Lecturer Oregon
Karthy Chandra Guest Lecturer Oregon
Ravi Gururaj CM Instructor Bangalore
Priti Sawant CM Instructor Bangalore
Madan Padaki CM Instructor Bangalore
Sonia Manchanda CM Instructor Bangalore
Arvind Nadig CM Instructor Bangalore
Murlidhar Surya CM Instructor Bangalore
Venkatesh Kumaran CM Instructor Bangalore
Manish Sharma CM Instructor Bangalore
Sharda Balaji CM Instructor Bangalore
Sanjay Anandaram CM Instructor Bangalore
Naganand Doraswamy CM Instructor Bangalore
Naeem Zafar CM Instructor Silicon Valley
Ken Burke Guest Lecturer Silicon Valley
Paul Singh CM Instructor Silicon Valley
Anurag Mairal Guest Lecturer Silicon Valley
Rich Heruska Instructor Tampa
Allen Cleary Instructor Tampa
Priyanka Sud Instructor Chandigarh
Ryan Foland Guest Lecturer SoCal
Meeta Roy Guest Lecturer SoCal
Kim Letch Guest Lecturer SoCal
Marianne Ellis Guest Lecturer SoCal
Faisal Sherjan CM Instructor Lahore