TiE Carolinas and TiE Global will host a virtual competition, and the dates are set for June 18th and 19th, 2021. June 18th will host the Semi-finals, and June 19th will be the Finals Round and Award Ceremony. 2021 teams will come from these 25 locations around the world, via for the Grand prize and recognition.

Over the past 16 years, 15,000 high school students have participated in the TYE Global program. Many have gone on to found their own companies. Instructors, mentors, and industry experts teach design thinking, customer validation, prototyping, and business models through hands-on workshops. Students develop essential life skills, risk-taking mindset, teamwork, innovation, and leadership.

In July, the TYE Global competition was hosted by TiE Seattle and TiE Global. This year, the top 23 teams from 23 cities around the world participated. The event’s speaker lineup included Vivek Ranadive (Founder and Managing Director, Bow Capital and owner of Sacramento Kings). “This is an era of transformation like we’ve never seen before. But you will have to drive passion and have a sense of urgency,” Vivek said at the event. “Don’t think about failures. Learn and move forward. Everything that has been done can be done better,” he added.

Team BWI (TiE Atlanta) bagged first place, followed by Team Findr (TiE Hyderabad), and Team iDentistry (TiE Dallas). Team Althea (TiE Seattle), that won for Best Customer Validation, presented a plan to tackle the growing number of suicide rates using a combination of helplines and AI chatbots. The app helps build emotional intelligence, positive self-image, and resilience in youth.